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5 Ways To Prepare For & Recover From Rejection.

I applied for an internship position in a company I most admire. I was amongst the 7 called for the initial assessment process. I was so excited and hopeful! 5 hours later, optimistic me received that dreaded ‘Unfortunately…’ e-mail. Needless to say, I was devastated. That was 4 days ago and now it’s safe to say I’m over the disappointment.

I could have cushioned myself from my post-rejection agony. After contemplation, here is what I arrived at as the best way to prepare for and recover from rejection:

  1. Be skeptical – Regardless of how confident you feel about your application prospects, remain unconvinced that you will be hired.
  2. Remain in an ‘open relationship’ – I made the mistake of falling in love with just this one company and thus did not have an immediate fall back after I was rejected. Had I established similar love with other companies as I did with this one, may be the blow would have been less painful and I would have bounced back faster.
  3. Share your journey with one trusted friend or colleague – this person will be the one to give you those much needed words of comfort.
  4. Stay positive – by doing so, you will be able to dust yourself off and soon realize that you have more to aspire to and achieve.
  5. You are allowed to wallow! – I woke up very late the next day and spent the rest of the time in my PJs! Please don’t do what I did! I’m pretty sure that if you nailed no.1 to no.4, this step will be limited to a few hours of junk TV or indulgence in some delicious ice cream cake!

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