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Topic of the day: Simple manners!

I wrote this article a while back for a university publication. I think it’s definitely worth a share:

It never ceases to amaze me at how that self proclaimed above-average-citizen always manages to unnerve; that badly used public toilet, that newspaper that was borrowed and returned mangled, that sneeze or cough that is never muffled, that 1090/- Textbook centre bought autobiography that is now tea stained and finger printed…the list is endless really.

The Standard has this page in the Crazy Monday pull-out purposely designated to high light ‘peeves’. I thought it was a good idea until a friend told me that highlighting peeves is in itself a peeve! How is that? Apparently, it is impolite to call out the Kenyan on his/her ‘crimes’. Putting them to light actually fuels them! So how do we get the word out? Have a key to the public toilets, staple the newspaper, keep quiet about that book you bought and open up the windows because 50% of Kenyans at one time or the other are nursing a cold!

Is that the solution? Go rogue and be less civil?

There is a fast food joint (I’m sure it’s one amongst many) found in down town Nairobi that does not offer seats to customers nor does it offer plates or forks. Buyers are forced to eat while standing along with saying a prayer that no passerby recognizes them in their suffering. Who is at fault here? The eatery owner or the person who allows themselves to be disrespected like so?

Manners: Polite or well-bred social behavior. The bible couldn’t be clearer: And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them. (Luke 6:31)

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