Blended Thoughts

Smart People Listen to the BBC

How we spend our time defines us. Through the passing seconds, we are inevitably molded by our actions.

Just like you I am privileged to know many smart people who shape my thinking and outlook. Join me in thanking God for them. These people tell me about the value of time; of how vital it is to guard it jealously. This is how they spend theirs:

  1. Reading. I cannot emphasize this enough. I recently put down Orange Prize winner Chimamanda Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and boy, don’t I feel great! Why? Because from those pages I learnt of how enormous creativity can become; of how words can be used so effectively to evoke tears, thoughts and surprises. Please spend your time reading.
  2. Saying, not talking. Saying involves relevance and depth. Talking does not.
  3. Acting. Not the stage and script kind but the change-a-life-while-fulfilling-your-life’s-purpose kind.
  4. Listening. What you listen to matters most. It’s all in the people and media. Surround yourself with people who say and do; remain critical but humble. Let what you hear add perspective to your life. Choose music that enriches you; tunes that actually tune you to the right mid set. Listen to music that serves as a soundtrack to your life and fuels your fire. The radio is under rated. I learn something new and meaningful every time I listen to the BBC.

At the end of a day well spent, a silent prayer of gratitude ties it all together.

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