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Surprise! You’re Made of Real Steel!

You know you have grown when your inner voice grows too.

I just watched the 2011 movie, Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. I loved it! The idea was pretty fresh and the plot though a tad predictable, tagged at the cords of my heart throughout the 2 hours.

The message was clear, old is best. The new is often empty and lacks the inner ‘something’ that keeps it going when life is tough. Note that I’m matching the old against the new, not the young. This is because there is always room for the young to learn from the ways of the old. That’s the only way the old live forever.

Take a wish I have had for the longest time; that my whole family lives forever so that our children and their children could meet us. Stupid and selfish this has been because it is obviously never going to happen! Our children will learn to appreciate themselves and each other through us; now. Word of mouth serves little in instilling these values so it’s purely going to be though deed.

As Dr. Izzo explains in his book, 5 Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die, the real value of life is in those who have lived and who no longer do. Make it a point of growing old even when you are young.

You know you have grown when your inner voice grows too.

2 thoughts on “Surprise! You’re Made of Real Steel!

  1. First of all i love the colour scheme of your blog..
    Secondly Real steel is a great movie…The robot was supercool..funny how we sit on ‘garbage’ or trash that could turn to gold…Plus the ability to spot potential in disused people and tap into their talents.

    You are doing a good job!!

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