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Top 10 ‘Obvious’ Wardrobe Staples For Women

It may be work outside or inside an office; a date or just an ordinary Wednesday event. No matter where you are performing from, as long as you are a strong independent woman, you need the following pieces not only for presentation but for exceeding expectation. You knew that, right!?

1. A Blazer
2. A Pair of Fitting Black Trousers
3. A Fitting Black Dress
4. A Pair of Closed Black Heels
5. A Pair of Closed Black Flats/ Low Heels
6. A White Shirt
7. A Fitting Pair of Jeans
8. A Pair of Sliver/ Gold/ Diamond Ear Studs
9. A Plain Black/Brown Hand Bag
10. A Plain Black/ Brown Wallet



4 thoughts on “Top 10 ‘Obvious’ Wardrobe Staples For Women

  1. But dont be afraid of some colour….always brighten your day like a yellow or red trench coat works wonders..lovely hun!

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