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Organizing An Event? No Problem!

I am privileged to have spent the last four years in a university that gives students freedom to execute their own set plans (funding notwithstanding).

As a final year student, I have been gripped with this need to inspire and transform the junior students. I am driven towards adding value to their lives and leaving them in a position to say that because I was there with them, they grew; mind and soul.

The events (A Corporate Fair, An Entrepreneurship Conference and a Career Day to name but a few) that I have been a part of organizing for this purpose have led me to arrive at the following as tips to what it takes to lay out and execute an event activity.

  • Categorize

Before you start an activity that is part of your event as advised by author Charles Gibbs, sort out what you have to do into either Important, Not Important, Urgent and Not Urgent. Tackle what is urgent and important and leave the rest for later. Often, an activity may be important but not urgent or urgent but not important. In such a situation, use your judgment!

  • Delegate

As much as you might think working solo is effective, in the long run, it is in fact exhausting and prone to making you experience a burnout out of stretching yourself too thin.  Identify hard working and open minded individuals who share in your vision and wish you well (‘haters’ are everywhere and well disguised!) and bring them on board to assist you create and impress!

  • Procrastination

…is indeed a thief of time! Do not put off anything that needs to be done now for later. The eleventh hour of any event should be spent surveying your finished magnum opus and not at the barber or salon! CATEGORIZE!

  • Always keep calm and objective

Often I have found myself slowly counting to ten just to keep myself from losing my cool, it maybe a delayed delivery, a passive colleague or maybe my own oversight. This technique works every time for me. Some of my friends pray, clench their fists or go around the corner or into a room for a yell in solitude. Any action that keeps you from being branded as ‘unable to keep calm under pressure’ should be shunned.

  • Good old fashioned optimism!

Always think good thoughts and exude positive vibes! High 5 the universe and almost always it will high 5 you right back with a successful event that you never expected.

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