Blended Thoughts

The Lady In A Dress… She Is So Gorgeous!

I wore a dress this afternoon for a visit to the mall just to unwind and have some frozen yogurt with my best friend (her treat!) and on my way out of the university compound, I received numerous compliments!

At first I was apprehensive. I wondered whether these complements were not just flattery and maybe I looked hideous! Just before I turned to go back and change into that trusted tee and pair of jeans, I remembered a conversation I had had with a friend of mine many months ago. This friend had told me of how gorgeous a lady in a dress looked and had went on to specify that it’s not just any dress but one made generously with flowing fabric. I looked down at myself and grinned.

I did not turn back!

A challenge to all ladies out there, let’s peal off those skinny jeans once in a while and spot those frocks!

Thanks Kawi. You know why. šŸ™‚

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