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When Uninspired, Look Down at Your Feet

As a final year student staring right at the finish line, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come.

From that first day on campus as a freshman or ‘fresher’ as we were popularly known to that first lecture that you may barely remember; it has been a roller-coaster!

I have a lot to be thankful for, my health for one! I have seen many dark days as a university student. The most memorable one being when I fell sick with stomach flu right as I was sitting my final  1st year, 2nd semester exams! I remember the loneliness the most. It hit me hard that I was in this alone and that I had to take care myself. Roommates and neighbors are awesome but not as reliable and constant as you are to yourself.

Enough…! This is a blog for solutions, relief and smiles! Not lamentations!

Your feet! Look down at them. Remember those flights of stairs you climbed when you were struggling to make that appointment, get that job or internship; that dirt road that you’ve had to trek to get to your future. It’s all there; toes to heel.

I have made a decision to stop the worry; jobs and other relevant money making opportunities will come when I am ready.  An article in a Marie Claire magazine issue suggests putting aside 10 minutes every day just for sitting and worrying! Should you get the urge to worry any other time, you are advised to tell your stubborn self, ‘Not now!’ 🙂 I think the purpose of this is to help you to relax albeit for 23 hours and 50 minutes.

Whatever works for you is fine as long as you leave the worrying for the less hopeful. Instead, spend your time at peace and doused in optimism. Your time will come.

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