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Dear World, The Facebook Heroine Stikes!

Doris Waigwa, my classmate and friend on Facebook, yesterday 11th April 2012, posted this as her status update and 7 hours later, this cause had a backing of over 100 people ready to help in any way they could:

“I went home for Easter and met this boy, John Koine Mwangi, Giathugu sub location, Mweru sublocation. he is 19 this year, droped out of Giathugu Secondary school in January this year due to lack of fees, he schooled for only part of form two, was i and out of school , reason fees. He now fetches water for neighbours n does kibaruas here n there for food for himself and family.
His family background very complicated, but the bottom line is the boy is very devastated thathe cant continue schooling, he still has a dream of becoming a doc……and help his family.

i thot, someone should do smthng for him.and bring his dream to reality……. me n someone else … you…

I intend to get him back to school for second term……GIathugu it maybe or a boarding school, to get him out of the very harsh environment, he is ready to get back to form two n cover his course work well…

Now.. it you feel you can assist him or have a friend who can or someone you can refer me to… inbox me…….we can make the world a better place in small ways!”

The power of kindness and the simplicity of courage is all we need to make a difference. Doris is what I proudly call a Facebook Heroine; Social Media Power!

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