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Optimism: A Realist’s Middle Name!

It is said that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of practice to achieve excellence in something. I have been attending career talks for way lesser a time than that but I can tell you this, after the first two, I started thinking that I could predict the message of the every session. It’s always a treat when I am proven wrong! No Career Talk is really ever the same!

On Friday evening, 20th April, the University of Nairobi School of Business Catholic Community famously known as LK3C (Lower Kabete Campus Catholic Community), invited Daniel Njoroge, Retail Manager Safaricom Ltd for one such Talk held at the campus’ famous Biashara Hall.

This gentleman is one I can describe without hesitation as ‘fired up!’ From the onset he had such energy! As he was sharing his life’s journey with us, his humility and spirituality shone through; his smile grew wider and his gestures more animated! We who had attended the Talk were about 19 to 26 years old and this 30 year-old put as all to shame! Some of us were slouching and periodically yawning and secretly wondering how we were going to get back to our rooms amidst the rain! But I assure you, 10 minutes into the session; Mr. Njoroge had effortlessly ensured that we were all in stitches whilst eagerly jotting down notes!

The absolute highlight of the evening was when he shared with us his 7 principles of a successful life:

  1. Be proactive:Are you the one who prevents a fire or the one who waits for one to start then struggles to put it out?

    Develop Synergies Like Fire Ants Do On Water.
  2. Begin with the end in mind: Drop the mentality that ‘the graph has already been drawn’ and start drawing one for yourself!
  3. Put first things first! Priorities have to be set whilst keeping in mind that as much as you are an optimist, you should be a realist as well.
  4. Have a win-win attitude: Add as much value as you take away!
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Humility plays a key role here.
  6. Develop synergies: Like the way fire ants adjoin to form a ‘blanket’ that floats above water so should you form relationships that strive to overcome life’s challenges!
  7. Sharpen your soul: Do whatever needs to be done to improve your life. Take up that additional course, Network in a non-discriminatory way and seek to mentor as well as being mentored.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of every one venturing into entrepreneurship regardless of how small the start may be; progress in life is never instant. He also warned against postponing happiness in anticipation of a ‘better time’ that has not been guaranteed.

With Backing From Such Individuals, No Wonder The Company is No.1!

The evening ended with him sharing a cup of coffee with all the students. By this time, the rain had subsided and so I seized the chance and dashed back to my room but not before I had thanked him for his inspiring words.

Thank you LK3C for granting us an opportunity to meet and learn from such a successful and unique individual.

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