Blended Thoughts

Sleeves or no sleeves: Wear it right!

I have spotted several Kenyans around in these suits. They have short sleeves you see and I have gotten taken a back by the them quite a number of times! I wondered why at first given that I am quite the dedicated advocate for unique style. Then I saw this mannequin and realized it!

  1. Toned arms: Do wear this suit if you have toned arms that can be shown off!
  2. Shoulder fit: Do insist on one that has perfect shoulder and chest fit for a polished look
  3. Colour: I love dark shades but do wear colors that compliment your skin tone and agree with your shoe and belt color. Read my brief thoughts on this here
  4. The tie: I would insist that a tie be worn with this look as the image suggests but should you choose to dress it down, remove the tie completely! Do not leave it on loosely!

I salute all those gentlemen who pull off this suit! Clap! Clap!

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