Blended Thoughts

Returning it all

I recently read the reflections of Ken Blanchard in ‘One Solitary Life’. This little book is simply priceless. It could make a great gift! Below is what stood out for me:

“How can we attain spiritual significance? We can do it by not focusing on earthly success such as wealth, recognition, power and status. instead, we should look at the opposite. For example, rather than focus on the accumulation of wealth, we can focus on the opposite: generosity. And when we talk about generosity we’re not only talking about giving treasure, but also giving our time, and touch. Charlie Tremendous Jones, author of  Life is Tremendous, finds even the notion of giving ridiculous. “We should stomp out giving,” he says, “Returning is the answer. After all, He owns it all – it’s not really ours in the first place.”

Isn’t it a high time that we turned our focus on returning? We are blessed with so much and it is only ideal to  give back to He who has given it all to us: by being the best version of ourselves. Our lives are His after all. Psalms 139 :-).

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