Blended Thoughts

Reboot – 59 Minutes and 9 Seconds

Saturday night I had a long telephone chat with a friend. Yes,  Ian, I’m going to talk about it.

We were talking about what is really important in life and he was giving me flack over my intention to focus on my career as opposed to taking my mother’s advice of looking for a husband (yes, my mother thinks husbands are looked for so I have been trying to make sense of that – future post ideas!).

Ian thinks careers come and go and that they end, leaving you only with your pension if you’re lucky. He thinks life is to be enjoyed by drawing inspiration from the old days  (he challenged me to research ancient Indian culture and relate it to our lifestyles today – another future post idea!).

Anyway, my thoughts are drifting. My intention is to evoke thought as to what exactly careers are. It’s been four years since mine formally began although Malcolm Gladwell has convinced me that it began when I was born (another future post idea!).

I have been living quietly. It’s time I started sharing my exhilarating adventures with you. I’m not writing for anyone else, just for you. Because I know we both have a lot riding on what ever our daily experiences are. We both really want to make it and we both really want to be happy. We have so much to learn from each other. No need to reinvent the wheel as they say.

You have Ian to thank for this! Thanks Ian for the 59 minutes and 9 seconds of laughter. You are a great friend.

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