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To CV or not to CV?

“Forget about the cover letter! What are you, 60?!”

“Cover letters are very important.”

“Forget the Personal Statement! What are you, a doctor?!”

“A Personal Statement tells the organization who you are.”

“Network, don’t stalk!”

Urgh! It is all literally exhausting! Just when you think you have read the right book, or signed up to the right website, you stumble upon another book and another website that negates it all!

Is there really a best way? Should you just wing it and hope whoever is on the receiving end of that envelope will appreciate the magnum opus that is your application?

The internet is flooded with information, as it should. But where does that leave us? In a mess, that’s where! And I don’t mean that place where they serve us university students ‘gourmet’ meals! No. I mean the good old fashioned untidy state of things! We find ourselves bombarded with opinions from established professionals all telling you contradictory things about how you can differentiate yourself from the rest.

I am personally back to where I began with my simple old fashioned Microsoft Word CV and cover letter! I have decided to stop trying to find that which will make me ‘special’ and ‘stand out’! At the end of the day, as the cliché goes, it’s what’s between your ears that counts! I stand corrected though. Maybe someone can recommend a site I may have missed…! Send me a link!