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Reboot – 59 Minutes and 9 Seconds

Saturday night I had a long telephone chat with a friend. Yes,  Ian, I’m going to talk about it.

We were talking about what is really important in life and he was giving me flack over my intention to focus on my career as opposed to taking my mother’s advice of looking for a husband (yes, my mother thinks husbands are looked for so I have been trying to make sense of that – future post ideas!).

Ian thinks careers come and go and that they end, leaving you only with your pension if you’re lucky. He thinks life is to be enjoyed by drawing inspiration from the old days  (he challenged me to research ancient Indian culture and relate it to our lifestyles today – another future post idea!).

Anyway, my thoughts are drifting. My intention is to evoke thought as to what exactly careers are. It’s been four years since mine formally began although Malcolm Gladwell has convinced me that it began when I was born (another future post idea!).

I have been living quietly. It’s time I started sharing my exhilarating adventures with you. I’m not writing for anyone else, just for you. Because I know we both have a lot riding on what ever our daily experiences are. We both really want to make it and we both really want to be happy. We have so much to learn from each other. No need to reinvent the wheel as they say.

You have Ian to thank for this! Thanks Ian for the 59 minutes and 9 seconds of laughter. You are a great friend.

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The Very Best of Matt Chong

Matt Chong is a fantastic writer. I can’t quite remember how I found his blog but it sure was my lucky day!

Follow and enjoy and learn just as I do!

The Pinstriped Suit


When we were growing up, our parents told us that taking the time to “Find Yourself” was a waste of time. As if “Finding Yourself” meant joining a hippie band and running away from home on a dilapidated school bus. (Not that hippie bands aren’t cool) Or that doing a Liberal Arts Major in University was a waste of money because it would be impossible to try to get a practical job with your Classical Studies degree.

I frankly disagree with anybody that tells me that “Finding Yourself” isn’t important. What could be more important than discovering who you are at your core? Or finding out what your stand for? Or discovering what you’re really passionate about?

The moment you start living life on your own terms and nobody else’s is the day you really start living.

When I was 19, I went away to a 12 day Vipassana meditation…

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Returning it all

I recently read the reflections of Ken Blanchard in ‘One Solitary Life’. This little book is simply priceless. It could make a great gift! Below is what stood out for me:

“How can we attain spiritual significance? We can do it by not focusing on earthly success such as wealth, recognition, power and status. instead, we should look at the opposite. For example, rather than focus on the accumulation of wealth, we can focus on the opposite: generosity. And when we talk about generosity we’re not only talking about giving treasure, but also giving our time, and touch. Charlie Tremendous Jones, author of  Life is Tremendous, finds even the notion of giving ridiculous. “We should stomp out giving,” he says, “Returning is the answer. After all, He owns it all – it’s not really ours in the first place.”

Isn’t it a high time that we turned our focus on returning? We are blessed with so much and it is only ideal to  give back to He who has given it all to us: by being the best version of ourselves. Our lives are His after all. Psalms 139 :-).

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When the four quarters shall

Turn in and make one whole,

Then I who wall your body,

Which is to me a soul
– Jay Macpherson, The Boatman

Margaret Atwood: Year of the Flood

Jay MacPherson was a rare creature — one of a kind. Everyone who knew her would agree.

            Eleanor Cook has spoken about her poetry. I can only add that those few who heard her read it have never forgotten the experience. She was not a person who was interested in poetry as a “career” – she wrote poems only when impelled – and that is clear from the poems themselves.

            I first met Jay in 1957 because she was my English professor at Victoria College – which did hire women then, unlike some colleges at the University of Toronto and very many universities and colleges throughout the English-speaking world.  Jay must have been a mere twenty-eight years old, but she seemed to me very experienced and accomplished – she had, after all, just won the Governor General’s Award for The Boatman, at the unprecedented age of twenty-seven.  At…

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This has to be one of the best things I have read all week! I hope some of the thoughts by the writer resonate with you as they did with me and teach you a thing or two about being the best you can possibly be at all times whether you are in your 20s or not.


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Why did the chicken cross the road?

…because it was a personal decision, that’s why!

A friend and I were discussing how haphazardly people at times cross the road. It was really idle chat as we made our way across town. But she mentioned something that I thought was insightful: crossing the road is a personal decision.

It truly is. At that moment when you decide to cross , you’re physically and mentally ready for it. You’ve balanced out your weight and acceleration and you know that should anything unexpected happen, you’ll be set to take it on. Therefore that person who grabs you and says. “twende!” before you can prepare yourself does you a great disservice! You can only go when you have made that personal decision.

I extrapolated this statement to put meaning to things we do in life. No one should compel you to do anything you are not ready for no matter how much they think you look ready. So should you encounter such “twende” people, may be you can do what I normally do:

  1. Ignore them: Silence works every time! But remember to be gracious and respectful.
  2. Tell THEM to go! Encourage them to take that route that they so desperately want to take and wish them well!
  3. Shake them off!  Sometimes you cannot really ignore them or talk to them so try and ‘lose’ them in the crowd! Unless you wear really heavy scents, they will not be able to track you! 🙂

So whether it concerns doing that Masters degree, quitting your job to start that business or even embark  on that seemingly fairy-tale – like relationship, such major decisions almost always need you to be the sole initiator and executor.

p/s Remember to look right, left and then right again!

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Home is where my words are…

…and I am my words.

 “I searched all around the world, and I found myself” – Beyonce Knowles.

I didn’t have to search far. I was here all along. All I had to do was sit still and find. I found myself and I feel strong. Who ever I meet, talk to and learn form affirms it. We are what we search for. I heard the line for the first time recently. It hit home in a warm sort of way. When I heard it I sat back and smiled. How brilliant. How true.

I have been searching for order. Action: I walked into the nearest bookshop and bought a comprehensive diary. I jot down what I have to do for the day every morning at 5.30am. Result: Although I don’t hit the mark all the time at least I get to sit down at the end of my day and figure out why.

I have been searching for success: Action: I set out to make friends that define the word. Result: I have a network that I constantly learn from and slowly but surely, my weaknesses are becoming strengths.

I have been searching for love: Action: Set high personal standards that will not be compromised no matter what. Result: I am single but secure 🙂

We are our words.

Are you home?

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Sleeves or no sleeves: Wear it right!

I have spotted several Kenyans around in these suits. They have short sleeves you see and I have gotten taken a back by the them quite a number of times! I wondered why at first given that I am quite the dedicated advocate for unique style. Then I saw this mannequin and realized it!

  1. Toned arms: Do wear this suit if you have toned arms that can be shown off!
  2. Shoulder fit: Do insist on one that has perfect shoulder and chest fit for a polished look
  3. Colour: I love dark shades but do wear colors that compliment your skin tone and agree with your shoe and belt color. Read my brief thoughts on this here
  4. The tie: I would insist that a tie be worn with this look as the image suggests but should you choose to dress it down, remove the tie completely! Do not leave it on loosely!

I salute all those gentlemen who pull off this suit! Clap! Clap!