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The Corporate Fashionist – The Tie on a Corporate Male by Aziz Rajbhai

The tie has been a symbol of business individuals for years now. A simple piece of clothing dangling from the neck, yet holds much weight in the outlook it portrays. From the Stock exchange, to the Courts, from Financial advisors to modern Managers, ties are a must in their attire. No wonder, ties are a compulsory dressing for the likes of PwC and Deloitte.

Many of my fellow males are now near the finish line, and are now busy tarmacking for jobs and internships. In all such steps, one requires the perfect outlook, in short, the perfect dressing for the perfect impression. I can’t give you much advice on careers and other stuff, but considering collecting ties is my personal hobby, I feel competent enough to share my knowledge on the ideal tie for yourself.

Restraint is very important in ties. Do not let your tie overshadow yourself. Let the tie be noticed, but just as a mere accessory. Let’s first start with the size of the tie. For those who have put on weight and have a pot cum beer belly showing, opt for a wide tie. Wide ties conceal the stomach from view. It is a common saying in Corporate dressing, “Let your tie get wider as you grow Older”. I know the slim ties are in fashion, but do not let them slim down too much. If you have the body to show, get ties which don’t have a broad end. DO NOT however wear pencil ties to work, leave those for the party goers.

As to colour and pattern, the less conspicuous and flashy, the better. Subdued stripes, checks, polka dots and paisley patterns are fine. But no tie should look like you are wearing a neon sign on your chest. Colour is okay, but in moderation, and design is fine but should be quiet. No sprawling geometric shapes or sun-bursts. Lately there has been a influx of graphic ties with cartoon characters, football club logos and such animations. Such ties are okay once in a while depending on the mood and atmosphere of the place you are wearing the tie to. Sometimes, such animations may help, if the person you are meeting has the same liking for that animation e.g a common love for a football club.

I rather doubt if anybody needs a tie clip considering that majority of ties today are wide and of rich fabric, but if you do feel necessary, get a tie clip which is absolutely plain and inconspicuous. The tie clip should be worn well down on the tie, close to the belt. I shall call it a sin if the clip shows when your jacket is buttoned!

With that, invest in the right ties and make a worthy man out of you. Wishing you much luck in your career endeavours.

Written by:

Aziz Z. Rajbhai – 0738780137

Guest Writers of Honour

TRUTHSPEAK 1: INSIDE OUT by William Mudamba

Pedicure, manicure; this cure, that cure

Yet nobody tells them they are sick for sure

Spending so much; to make the outside beautiful

Yet they don’t have time; to make the inside beautiful

Squeezing the life out of their bodies

Squeezing themselves into tight clothes

No wonder they have no space in their lives

No space for truth or reality

No space to even think…

Of what they’re really doing

Doing their best to reveal their cleaves and curves

Doing themselves the injustice they perhaps deserve

We get the theme: “Less fabric, more meat”

But those who have much on the inside

Are not so keen to show their outside

What’s left to show; when you bear it all?

Their lives are upside down

The ladies of the night town

They do their thing on the low down

But I wish they would slow down

And realize; love died because we killed it!

Imperfect pieces, struggling to fit in

Quick to adopt a uniform line of thought

Seeking unity in conformity, in ways unbefitting

Struggling so hard to be exactly what you’re not

There’s just one little thing that she forgot

True beauty just cannot be bought

Earphones stuck in her ears all day

Plugged in to the rest of the world – except herself

She listens to Rihanna and Beyonce all day

But she doesn’t have time – to listen to herself

Or her heart…the screaming voice inside

Muffled by the noise of the world

She’s driven by impulse, not purpose

Quick to ape, slow to think

See, she has a fake face, complete with a fake smile

Fake bosom, fake hips, fake behind

Fake hair, fake nails, and a fake personality

But she is seriously looking for a ‘real’ man!

Yet she’s…

Deeply in love

With a man who deeply lusts after her

And not just one, but many

And the epic romance; began

When you met at a strip club

She says, ‘We have a lot in common’

And I agree…You chase the same illusions

But most common of all, is how

The both of you are so good at living a lie


Expecting lust to last

Is like building a tower with dust

I can explain it all now

The broken homes, broken dreams, broken hearts, broken lives…

When we throw truth out the window

We begin to live in the shadow

Of the very light that should highlight

The beauty of reality

For how much longer

Will you wake each morning to live a lie?

For how much longer

Will you live in the shadow of fear

And die a little more inside!

For how much longer

Will you run away from the truth

And prefer darkness to light

We only have one life to live

Live it true

Live it best

Live it fully

Dignified, respectable, honorable, noble, authentic, real, original!

A life you can be TRULY proud of

When you breathe your last!

It’s your life, your legacy!

By William Mudamba